In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and to help Contact Centers continue to communicate with their agents working remotely we are making our Communication Center available for free through October 1st.

  • Innovate how important messages are communicated and received, all without taking up agent desktop real-estate.
  • Ensure agents never miss a message with the NGNInsights Communication Center, enabling Contact Centers to centralize all-important communication.
  • Provide the most effective way to transmit messages to all agents, a team of agents, or a single agent.
  • Inform agents continuously whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Learn how the NGNInsights Communication Center centralizes how important messages are communicated & received. Download the brochure below!

Click Here to Download Brochure

Instant Insight

Revolutionize how performance is managed. Pinpoint where to focus time by seeing agent performance and understanding it at-a-glance.

Automated Analysis
Liberate management from tasks that can more effectively be automated. Performance data is benchmarked to show where expectations are not being met.

Real-time Data + Real-time Action

Real-time data is not as valuable if it does not empower real-time action. NGNInsights transforms data to become instantly actionable for instant improvement.


Zero-in on what key performance indicators lead to the achievement of business goals. Prioritize time, resources, and effort to the things that produce the biggest ROI.

The Communication Bar is always
open at the top of your agent’s desktop

One way messaging:
Supervisors to agents

Updating agents has never been easier, simpler and more effective. NGNInsights Communication Center is designed for the contact center to further enhance productivity & performance.

Instant insight to each agent

Built for the agent to stay informed & focused. Messages can be sent in multiple different styles to create a highly unified envirorment accross all agents. 

Simplify Instant Communication
Enable management to communicate important information in a click of a button.

Send Standard Messages to agents & know when they read the message. Be sure that agents will always see the message as it is sent.


Broadcast messages accorss the top of the agents screen, like a news feed.


Issue Tracking allows Contact Centers to keep agents up to date on different challenges or updates that need to be closely tracked & have agents know these updates in realtime.

The Future
Of How Contact Centers Operate

With the NGNInsights Communication Center & NGNInsights Performance Dashboard, contact centers are able to completely manage, improve, & communicate with agents in literally the most effective, productive, & efficient ways.

NGNInsights brings the contact center on an entirely new level. Bring your contact center into the most revolutionary software the contact center has ever seen.