What Makes it so Great

The Performance Scorecard is the foundation for NGNInsights. The Scorecard represents the business goals for the Contact Center on a micro & macro-level.

Each icon is a KPI that comes from all your contact center systems unified in our patented Visual Technology. Benchmark KPIs to instantly analyze performance.

The Agent Performance Hub

The NGNInsights Bar gives the agent the ability to always have visibility on what they are accomplishing, their gamification, and the current status KPI with its corresponding benchmark.

Upon clicking on any of these, agents can instantly gather more insights on everything they need in the Performance Hub.

NGNInsights Gamification

The Ultimate Contact Center Gamification System.

Maintain high performance & engagement through gamification. Through making everyday work a more fullfilling experience, boosting motivation, moral, performance, & productivity. Agents build habits of high performance as they are continually rewarded.





See the highest performing agent, for each KPI or accumulative gamification awards. Allowing an easy understanding of which agents perform best in a certain area.

The Leader board promotes team growth & overall team motivation to do great.


Want to create a company-wide award with your company logo?

Awards allow management to personally recognize agents for a job well done. These awards allow agents to see that their work does not go un-noticed.


Streak Achievements – celebrating agents when they continually do something correctly and repeatedly. Trigger-based on their actions!

Mile Stone Achievement – recognize agents that reach new high levels of performance!


The Point system is directly attached to Key Performance Indicators & automatically gives agents points as they meet expectations.

The most important Key Performance Indicators can be weighed to automatically give out more points, to reinforce performance on the most vital KPI’s.


Each Achievement is attached to a number of coins the agent gets. These coins enable agents to cash in on real things in the NGNInsights Store.

Through coins & a store, agent performance is reinforced to show the connection between their work & what they are able to receive for a job well done.